HTS leads development of rapidly deployable, scalable and fully integrated diagnostics clinics in association with Canon Medical Systems UK. 

Dr Farhang Daemi and Professor Paul White present a joint paper on 5 years of work on development and implementation of a comprehensive medical equipment asset management programme across Cambridge Universities NHS Foundation Trust, resulting in significant efficiencies and millions of pounds in savings at the Building Healthcare conference in Dubai.

HTS provides strategic advice and programme management services for commissioning of The Imaging Centre, a flagship diagnostic imaging and sports medicine facility based at the Hive football and sports grounds in London.

HTS provides consultancy and project design services to a major project supported Department of Health (DoH) and National Institute for Healthcare Research (NIHR) Healthcare Technology Cooperatives in relation to a national survey of technology and needs analysis for Children Activity Prosthesis.

HTS leads a major bid by Toshiba Medical Systems (now rebranded as Canon Medical Systems) to become the leading technology partner to Indo UK Institute of Health (IUIH) worth over £100 million.

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