Hygeian is an exciting new form of management consultancy for an ever changing healthcare sector. Hygeian was established early in 2011 in response to an increasing demand from clients for the same quality of consultants they got from large firms and niche players, but at a substantially lower cost.Through its network of associates and partnerships, Hygeian is able to provide clients with access to over 60 of the most experienced, well qualified and highly respected consultants working in UK healthcare.

HTS has a close working relationship with Attainia, the world-leading provider of capital medical equipment planning and commissioning applications. Attainia solutions are used by hundreds of hospitals, health systems, healthcare equipment planners, architects, and integrated delivery networks to effectively manage capital equipment requirements and specifications in thousands of healthcare projects and budgets worldwide.

Gehry Technologies provides Web-based 3D project collaboration and building information modeling (BIM) technology as well as advanced project delivery services to leading owners, architects, engineers, builders, fabricators and industry professionals worldwide. Our solutions allow customers of all sizes to communicate more effectively, improve design and construction quality, and accelerate project cycle times.

HTS has access to solutions from St Croix Systems (SCS), a world class supplier of computerised equipment management software and complementary professional services designed to integrate the core asset lifecycle functions of asset management, asset logistics, safety management, and capital planning for healthcare providers worldwide.

Since the formation of Bryden Wood in 1995, they have been striving to change the construction industry. Their aim is to transform it into a product-based, integrated, design-lead industry. They believe that this can be achieved without any compromise in aesthetic merit, architectural integrity or functional performance.
To achieve this goal, a truly multi-disciplinary workforce, consisting of architects, product designers, engineers specialising in advanced low energy structural and environmental design, software writers, building information modellers and factory-based constructors all work together in their offices in Farringdon, central London.
Wakeley Consulting was founded by Martin Wakeley in the summer of 2012 after having worked in some of the most challenging and exciting healthcare projects in the UK over the past 10 years.  Wakeley Consulting provides a single portal for access to a broad range of passionate healthcare professionals that enjoy challenging and stimulating projects including strategy, operational improvement, business development and change management.